ABIA_Web_Finalist_Stationery14I always used to laugh when the celebrities used to say “It was an honor to be nominated”
But I have found myself, once again, saying it as a finalist in the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA)

When you stand next to amazing talent, you appreciate how & why you are part of the lineup.
Whether you win or not, being recognised in your field, really is an honor!

We didn’t win this year, but what this space next year as we hope to go from FINALIST to WINNER!!!


Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honour Roll


I am happy to announce that SAJARO INVITATIONS been selected for the Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honour Roll.

The WeddingIndustryExperts.com team asked Wedding Professionals around the world – “Who has inspired you in your local wedding community?” After reviewing email referrals from across the globe, they put together their first annual list of Honour Roll members and I’m happy to announce that I am one of them.

It’s because of my wonderful clients that I get to do what I love and to meet so many other wedding industry professionals.  I appreciate this recognition and want to thank everyone who has supported me.

Here is some more information about the WeddingIndustryExperts.com Honour Roll:

“Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Honour Roll member businesses are a mixed bunch.  Much like wedding rings, each one sparkles in its own way. No matter how you count their differences, members have a few things in common – they love the wedding business, they are committed to their clients and their testimonials from both peers and happy clients speak volumes about their commitment to their fields. 

 Being on the Honour Roll is not an endorsement of a businesses service or products. It is simply a way to say thank you – you did some awesome work (the previous year), that inspired others and we want to recognize you.”

You can see the full list of Honour Roll Members here: